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3 Things You Should Know About Business Litigation in South Florida: Factors to Consider Before Filing a lawsuit

by admin | October 28, 2014 | Blog

Like most hard working business owners, you’ve likely invested time, energy and money into growing your venture. When a problem arises, whether it’s a contractual dispute with a vendor, trademark infringement, even fraud, protecting your company and your interests is priority one. In Florida, commercial litigation can be challenging, often involving multiple parties and complex […] Read More »

Exploring Your Options With a Business Litigation Attorney

by admin | October 17, 2014 | Blog

Like most hard working Floridians, your business is your life, and protecting it is your first priority. Yet even with protections in place, no one can prevent disagreements from occurring, and disputes will inevitably arise, necessitating the need for a business litigation attorney. Whether it’s a financial disagreement with a competitor, a partnership dispute or […] Read More »